The Students' Art Gallery last hosted a new exhibition in January 2020. Since the pandemic's beginnings, Hotel Dieu Hospital instituted protocols that would not allow us to be in the hospital hallways to take artwork out of the frames. Special permission was only granted recently for one of the Gallery Curators to go in after hours and still following strict rules to retrieve the entire Winter 2020 Exhibition. Those artworks have all been returned in portfolios to the respective schools. If any student artist has not had a picture returned, please contact Ralph Westgarth at The Curators strive to ensure that every piece of art that is submitted to us is returned in its original condition.

When will we mount a fresh, new exhibition? That's a hard question to try to answer. With hospital protocols as restrictive as they are and with art programming at schools uncertain at this point, it is doubtful that there will be an exhibition in the 2021~2022 academic year. In the meantime, the 100 frames present a sampling of pieces from the permanent collection acquired over the past 4 decades.


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