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Vintage Collection

It's our 20th anniversary, and this retrospective celebrates the themes which have become hallmarks of the Students' Art Gallery in the Child Development Centre at Hotel Dieu Hospital. From the beginning, fledgling artists attending pre-school to post-secondary programmes in this part of Eastern Ontario have been motivated to draw, paint, and construct artworks which connect to everyday life: their interests, activities, concerns and dreams.

And so this, the Vintage Collection, is an archival record chronicling a far reaching range of topics: things that go, local landmarks, indigenous plants and animal species, seasonal depictions, sports snapshots, and teddybears. The 20 images below represent the 6,000 artifacts which have been featured in 60 exhibitions here since the autumn of 1985.

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Jon Ball
8 years old
Prince Charles Public School
"The Exploding Goalie Mask"
Spring 1987

Allison Oldendorp
9 years old
Prince Charles Public School
“The Snowy Owl”
Winter 1988


Maciek Adwent
Grade 3
St. Thomas More
Spring 1989

Jessica Bright
5 years old
Prince Charles Public School
"Grandma And Grandpa Go Back To School"
Autumn 1999


Mikey Fraser
Grade 2
Prince Charles Public School
"King Of Beasts"
Spring 1991

Andrea Shurtleff
Grade 11
LaSalle Secondary
"A Much Simpler Life"
Winter 1993


Kevin Abreu
Grade 10
Regiopolis-Notre Dame
Spring 1995

Andrew Gagnon
Grade 1
J.R. Henderson P.S.
"This is a duck"
Autumn 1995


Matt Hull
Grade 7
Joyceville P.S.
Winter 1996

Nicki Patel
Grade 6
Albert College Junior School
Winter 1996


Anson Chan
Grade 12
Regiopolis-Notre Dame
"The Farmer"
Winter 1999

Bridget Cerre
Grade 10
Regiopolis-Notre Dame
Autumn 1999


Krista Gribbon
Grade 7
Perth Road Public School
Autumn 1999

Laura Gribbon
Sydenham High School
Autumn 1999


David Gribbon
Grade 12
Queen Elizabeth Collegiate and Vocational Institute
Winter 2001

Lyndsey Paquin
Grade 1 Loughborough Public School
Winter 2002


Nick Reed
Grade 8
John XXIII Catholic School
"Spring Is Here"
Spring 2002

Bethany Keeley
York University
Autumn 2002


Trina Ghiacy
Grade 6
Marysville Public School
"Life comes In Different
Shapes And Sizes"
Winter 2003

Jordan Pugh
Grade 6
Kingston Christian School
Winter 2004