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Spring 2004 - Page 5

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Elizabeth Johnson
Grade 7
Elginburg Public School


Jenny Parada
Grade 10

Regiopolis-Notre Dame


Eleanor Aston
Grade 1

Albert College Junior School

Will Stokes
Zeena Sandhu
Grade 2
Albert College Junior School


Cindy Kim
Grade 8

Ecole Lundy’s Lane

Megan Veley
Grade 2

Rideau Heights Public School


Sebastian Ko
Grade 7
Sydenham Public School

Victoria Spence
Grade 8

R.G. Sinclair Public School


Courtney Duffy
Grade 10

Regiopolis-Notre Dame


Pipe Cleaner Sculptures and Plasticine Pictures 
Storrington Public School


The Whole Cube

Will Hutchison, Gr.7
Courtney Whaley, Gr.7
Shannon Menard, Gr.7
Alicia Harpell, Gr.7
Chase Chesbro, Gr. 8
Keith Moore, Gr.7


Ashley McMahon
Gr. 8

Dustin Moreland, Gr.2
Emily Lalonde, Gr. 8


Cole Smijan, Gr. 2
Billy Bostad, Gr. 8

Patricia Hogan, Gr. 2
Courtney Larocque, Gr. 8


Grant O'Neill, Gr. 2
Matthew Nash, Gr. 8


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